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🢤 LaTeX Packages


We use memoir.cls as the main document class for all our books and articles that we typeset. Hence, all the main formatting is done by memoir. The class is available in all standard TeX distributions and can be downloaded from Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN) from this link. It is well documented and therefore, readers are advised to go through the documentation before making use of this package.

This LaTeX package which is called ithal.sty is a subsidiary package that will work in conjunction with memoir.cls extending its functionality to suit typesetting requirements of Malayalam books.

Package Loading

The package shall be loaded with the command anywhere before \begin{document}



Various options of the package are given below:

  • ml — typeset Malayalam documents.
  • print — generate output for printing, default is false.
  • proof — proof mode, allows to have line numbers, watermark and footer instruction for proofers.
  • sphone — generate pdf output for standard mobile phone with aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • mini — generate pdf output for phone with 5 inch screen size.
  • kindle — generate pdf output for older versions of Kindle device.

Default is web version pdf with dimensions of 145mm × 195mm, which is fit to read in tablet or iPad. The print version has the dimensions of 146mm × 210mm.

Various dimensions like paper width/height, inner/outer margins, head/foot heights and other parameters can be changed with key-value options provided as argument of \geometry command. geometry package is loaded by default.

Package Dependencies

This package depends on the following LaTeX packages:

  1. geometry
  2. footmisc
  3. multicol
  4. multirow
  5. makecell
  6. ifthen
  7. enumitem
  8. ml-draftcopy
  9. etoolbox
  10. polyglossia
  11. fontspec
  12. xltxtra
  13. xcolor
  14. hyperref
  15. xspace