Sayahna Sayahna

Sayahna Projects

  1. How to Publish in Sayahna: Kindly visit this page for more details.
  2. Sustainable Communities:  A model of sustainable community has been discussed at length here. More ideas welcome.
  3. Collection of Digital Objects: The objective is to collect, classify, catalog, process (if needed) and web delivery of digital objects for public consumption in various formats. The objects shall be, proverbs, spoken language styles prevalent in various regions with its regional emphasis, videos of customs, rituals, folk arts and performances, popular festivals in places of worship, customary wedding ceremony of different communities and religions prevalent in Kerala, short documentaries, rare photos, pictures of very old houses, temples, monuments and places of historical or archaeological importance, and digital versions of anything of social importance that deserves to be preserved for future generation. (please add items to this list …)
  4. Delivery of Malayalam eBooks: Typesetting of Malayalam (language of state of Kerala, India) books with expired copyrights or that of authors willing to release under Creative Commons license, and delivery of PDF’s and eBooks for public consumption. A print-on-demand services will also be set up for intending users to get a printed copy delivered to their home for a fee.
  5. HTML+MathML version of Mathematics books: Currently, Project Gutenberg do not provide MATHML version of math books. So we want to fill in that void situation by providing MATHML versions of as many math books as possible. Our current rate of addition is a book per day. We have done a few books already and is available here. The project is currently vigorously pursued by the volunteers of the Foundation.
  6. Wiki History: This is an ambitious projects for which we shall find the right kind of resource persons to lead. The topics of interest are left movement in Kerala, films, literature, cultural and social reformation movements in Kerala, etc.
  7. Open Access Journals: Support open access journals, particularly, in disciplines of science, technology and medicine, maintain open access journal portals, cloud based document processing services. We have a journal in hand:
    • History of Science in South Asia
  8. Open Journal System will be deployed for managing these journals and is poised to take off during January 2013. A very detailed expository document about our open access initiative has been provided in our Wiki (still incomplete, but will be completed before long).