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This set of templates are used to build a table for notable alumni of a school or an organization.

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  • width - adjusts the tables width; defaults to 80%
  • name - Alumnus name; wikilink if possible. For proper sorting by family name, use the {{Sortname}} template instead of a straight name link.
  • year - graduation year; do not wikilink
  • nota - Notability
  • ref - reference

Optional columns can be added before and after the Notability column by using the parameters Option1 and Option2.


To include images to the right of the table, a different syntax is used:

|ilist = 
|alist =


is the list of images, in image syntax
is the alumnit list formatted as above


|ilist=[[Image:Albert Abraham Michelson2.jpg|thumb|100px|Albert Abraham Michelson]]
|name={{sortname|Albert A.|Michelson}}<!-- Also listed in "Natural sciences and related fields"-->
|nota= [[Physicist]] who received the 1907 [[Nobel Prize in Physics]]; the first American to receive the [[Nobel Prize]] in sciences. Noted for his work on the measurement of the [[speed of light]] and especially for the [[Michelson-Morley experiment]].
Name Class year Notability References
Michelson, Albert A.Albert A. Michelson 1873 Physicist who received the 1907 Nobel Prize in Physics; the first American to receive the Nobel Prize in sciences. Noted for his work on the measurement of the speed of light and especially for the Michelson-Morley experiment.
File:Albert Abraham Michelson2.jpg
Albert Abraham Michelson

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  • {{mem}}, a multipurpose, extensible membership template