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Template:Citation Style documentation/date

  • date: Date of source being referenced. Can be full date (day, month, and year) or partial date (month and year, year). Use same format as other publication dates in the citations.[1] Required when year is used to disambiguate {{sfn}} links to multiple-work citations by the same author in the same year.[more] Do not wikilink. Displays after the authors and is enclosed in parentheses. If there is no author, then displays after publisher.
  • OR:
    • year: Year of source being referenced. Required with some types of {{sfn}} citations;[more] otherwise use date.
    • month: Name of the month or season of publication. If you also have the day, use date instead. Do not wikilink.
    • origyear: Original publication year; displays after the date or year. For clarity, please supply specifics. For example: |origyear=First published 1859 or |origyear=Composed 1904.
  1. Publication dates in references within an article should all have the same format. See: MOS:DATEUNIFY.