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{{Smq}} adds a block quote in a smaller font size to an article page. Based on {{Quote}}, it is useful for inserting quotes in tables, where full-size text would be problematic.

Note: Block quotes do not normally contain quotation marks. See Formatting block quotations.


Unnamed (positional) parameters


Named parameters




{{smq|text=Cry “Havoc,” and let slip the dogs of war.|sign=[[William Shakespeare]]|source=[[Julius Caesar (play)|''Julius Caesar'']], Act III, Scene I}}

Cry “Havoc,” and let slip the dogs of war.
William Shakespeare, [1, 2, 3, 3, 4]

Note that wikilinks are not automatically provided by the template.


If you do not provide quoted text, the template generates a parser error message, which will appear in red text in the rendered page.

If any parameter's actual value contains an equals sign (=), you must use named parameters. (The equals sign gets interpreted as a named parameter otherwise.)

If any parameter's actual value contains characters used for wiki markup syntax (such as pipe, brackets, single quotation marks, etc.), you may need to escape it. See Template:! and friends.

Be wary of URLs which contain restricted characters. The equals sign is especially common.

See also

  • Template:Bq—quote without border, page-wide; like (and compatible with parameters of) the older {{Quote}} but with more features; conversion from all others listed here is trivially easy (retaining key data, losing decoration, etc.)
  • Template:Centered pull quote—pull quote between large quotation marks, page-wide; should rarely be used in articles and is not for block quotations, only pull quotes
  • Template:Quote—quote without border, page-wide, smaller-sized attribution
  • Template:Quotation—quote with border, page-wide
  • Template:Quote box—quote with border, in a reduced floating box
  • Template:Rquote—pull quote between large quotation marks, in a reduced floating area; also rarely appropriate in articles
  • Template:Talkquote—for quoting other editors (or guidelines, etc.) on talk pages (in a block)
  • Template:Tq—for quoting on talk pages, inline
  • Category:Quotation templates