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This template semi-automatically generates a list of useful links to Wikipedia resources about a particular topic. It is used in the "Wikipedia:" namespace, not on articles or their talk pages, because it is very WP:SELFREFish.


You can define each of the following parameters by hand. This is not necessary unless the resource exists but was not automatically detected.
|alerts=article alerts page for the topic (X in Wikipedia:X)
|article= – main article for the first or only topic (just the article name, without markup)
|article2= – main article for a second topic (just the article name, without markup); |article=X must also be specified
|assessment=article assessment page for the topic (X in Wikipedia:X)
|attention=cleanup category for the topic (X in Category:X, usually a subcategory of Category:Articles needing attention)
|board=noticeboard (e.g. regional) for the topic (X in Wikipedia:X)
|category= – main category for the first or only topic (X in Category:X)
|category2= – main category for a second topic (Y in Category:Y); |category=X must also be specified
|collab=collaboration for the topic (X in Wikipedia:X)
|commonscat=Commons images and other files available for the topic (X in commons:Category:X
|delsort=deletion-sorting subpage for the topic (X in Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/X)
|outline=outline for the topic (X in Outline of X; if real article at a different name, create a redirect that will work)
|portal=portal for the topic (X in Portal:X)
|project=WikiProject (or taskforce/workgroup/subproject) for the topic (X in Wikipedia:WikiProject X)
|project=no – suppress display of the "Project" link entirely (useful when {{Topic|...}} is used on WikiProject pages)
|stubtype=stub type for the topic (X in Category:X stubs}})
|style=Manual of Style for the topic (X in Wikipedia:X)
|to-do=To-do list for the topic (X in Wikipedia:X or Talk:X)

If these variables are not specified, the template will assume that they are all the same as the topic name. If no such page exists, then the item will be skipped. Unless an incorrect variable has been specified, this should never contain a redlink.

Display parameters

|simple=yes – if you want a simple one-line display without messagebox formatting
|image= – An icon to appear on the left of the messagebox. This is X in File:X (formerly Image:X). Do not add other image-related parameters; the {{notice}} at the other end cannot process them.






Topics with few developments show fewer options automatically; {{Topic|Archery|simple=y|outline=NONE YET!}}


Complex example: {{Topic|Heraldry and vexillology|article=Heraldry|article2=Vexillology|category=Heraldry|category2=Vexillology}}


{{Topic|Cue sports|image=Chalk_stub.png|portal=Snooker|commonscat=Billiards}}