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  • Micro-publishing framework for TeX authors.
  • Integration of TeX and XML technologies.
  • Provide modern features of STM content.
  • Collaborative authoring, editing, etc.
  • Outputs for all possible devices and media.
  • Accessibility.


  • A fully functional TeX typesetting system in cloud.
  • Web based text editor with common editor functions.
  • Unicode compliant.
  • Real time collaboration, messaging and live annotation.
  • Allows to download document sources and output as a tarball or zip archive.
  • Live technical support.

Tracking packages

pdfTeX and LuaTeX provide a feature namely, recorder, as a run time compiler option which when invoked provides a file list containing all the files read in and written out during compilation of a document. We shall make use of this feature to track the versions of packages used to generate output from a document so that the same versions of packages shall be used on a later date to avoid run time errors due to package revisions. This saves the author from the frustrating experiences of nagging errors just because a few of the packages used in the document have been modified by their respective authors between the revisions of the document under consideration.

However, if the document is originally compiled in CloudTeX, it will keep track of all packages and version information separately which will be read before making another compilation in CloudTeX. The author is ensured to get exactly the same output created in the previous compilation.

TeXPad — the Editor

  • TeX and HTML aware text editor.
  • TeX → PDF with all packages and fonts in CTAN.
  • Seamless TeX → HTML/MathML.
  • Supports TeX → HTML → PDF.
  • Viewers for different kinds of outputs.
  • Interactive Math editing.



Urgent items

  • User management (DONE)
  • Switch between different compilers — LaTeX, pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX.
  • Button to invoke:
    • Nomenclature
    • Index program
    • Glossary program
    • BibTeX
    • Biber

Non-urgent items

  • Save processed file to Google Drive and Dropbox (Nov 2015)
  • Optional privilege control among collaborators (DONE)
  • Optional mastercopying facility (Dec 2015)
  • *.gif, *.jpg, *.png or *.svg images of math (DONE)
  • WYSIWYG editing of HTML/MathML files (Dec 2015)
  • Integration of BibTeX, Biber, BibLaTeX and multiple indices (DONE)
  • Integration of DOI lookup (Dec 2014)
  • Integration of PubMed, CrossRef linking (Dec 2014)
  • Integration of linking public databases (Gene, Species, Chem, …, banks) (Dec 2015)
  • Integration of author disambiguation (ORCID) (Dec 2015)
  • SVG for graphics integration (DONE)
  • Tagged PDF (accessible PDF) (Mar 2015)


  • Edit changes as tooltips in PDF through fancytooltips.sty (Dec 2014)
  • Auto breaking of long equations (DONE)
  • Specimens showing different kinds PDF's (books, articles, handouts, …)
  • Facility to choose preferred compiler (TeX/pdfTeX/XeTeX/LuaTeX), macro package (Plain/LaTeX/ConTeXt), makeindex, bib processor (bibTeX/Biber), TeX4ht, pdf generator (dvips and ps2pdf/dvipdfm) …
  • Support documentation


  • Support for major DTD’s like NLM through HTML5 (Jan 2015)
  • Support for major DTD’s like DocBook, TEI (Jun 2015)
  • HTML/MathML → HTML/MathJax (Jan 2015)
  • HTML → MediaWiki format (Jan 2015)
  • HTML → ePub as per version 3.0 (Jan 2015)
  • HTML to Braille (Jan 2015)
  • HTML → Libre´ Office → MS Word (Jan 2015)