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Hello everyone, I would like to discuss about the organisational set-up. As far as understood about the working, better form of organisation would be to form a non-profit organisation. Membership for the organisation should be from those for whom the work is going to perform. For any kind of association with the organisation, first they need to become a member. Membership either can be an individual membership or organisational membership. There should be 3 permanent members as well as 4 members in rotation in the Govering Board of the Organisation. It is necessary to state set of principles based on which the organisation is going to function like as follows:

1) Motto of the organisation; 2) Free consent from the members to work for the organisation in good faith; 3) Binding principles of the members; 4) Termination from the membership; etc.

Organisation's frame work should be formulated in international perspective. Hope after discussion with other members we can have a better organisational set-up.

GMD: "non-profit organisation", I would say not-for-profit, but also not-for-loss either.

Brahman: non-profit organisation means the organisation which are not profit motive and if at all there is profit, it will not be distributed to the members as divident or share of profit.