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This template is used to note mapping information used at the Wikipedia:Graphics Lab/Map workshop.


Copy one of these three blank versions to use. Note that all fields must be lowercase, and remember to use the "|" (pipe) character between each field. Please delete any unused fields to avoid clutter in the edit window.

Horizontal list
{{Cite GIS |name= |url_download= |publisher= |year= |license= |tag= |url_doc= |layers= |precision_max= |covered_area= |datum= |projection = |extensions= |size_compressed= |size_uncompressed= |tile_size= |tiles_total= |comment= |editor_note= }}
Vertical list Prerequisites *
{{Cite GIS
|projection = 
{{Cite GIS
|name= SRTM3 v2
|publisher= NASA
|year= 2000
|license= Public Domain
|tag= [danger or standard]
|layers= topography
|precision_max= 93m
|covered_area= 60⁰N-56⁰S (landmass only)
|datum= WGS 84
|projection = ?
|extensions= .zip → .tiff
|size_compressed= ~2Mo each
|size_uncompressed= ~4Mo each
|tile_size= 1⁰ x 1⁰
|tiles_total= ~20.000
|comment = [why this source is useful?]
|editor_note= [doubts, bugs, informations to checks, etc.]
* The field listed below is a prerequisite for the field to the left. For example title is a prerequisite to url meaning url will NOT be displayed even if it has a value unless title also has a value.
Working example


Description of fields


Nested fields either rely on their parent fields, or replace them:

  • parent
    • child — may be used with parent (and is ignored if parent is not used)


  • name: short name or meaningful name of the set (+ name of the layer within QGis)
  • url_download: direct url to download the file
  • publisher: The distributor/publisher of the map.
  • year: Year of production/publication provide in the description page.
  • license: license of the data set, usually Domain public
  • tag: tagging image, values: standard or danger
  • url_doc: documentation/description page.
  • layers: what are the layer(s)/information(s) displayed within the set.
  • precision_max: max precision for 1px. Only for rasters files.
  • covered_area: geographic area covered by the data set
  • datum: datum type, usually WSG84 (also called WSG 1984, WSG 84)
  • projection: map projection, frequently "latlong"
  • extensions: zipped .ext → unzipped .ext
  • size_compressed: compressed size (usually in Kb/Mb), for download.
  • size_uncompressed: uncompressed size (usually in Kb/Mb), for storage.
  • tile_size: geographic size of each tile/file of the data set.
  • tiles_total: numbers of tiles/files in the whole data set.
  • comment: interest of the file for wikigraphists, usage.
  • editor_note: bug, limits of the data, need to check some parameters.

Some fields have been deactivated : language, accessdate, id, ref, archiveurl, since I (template creator) didn't understood them. Then can be retrieved from {{cite map}} and restored.


GIS data for Graphic Lab

  • {{GIS data for Graphic Lab |name=Admin-0-boundary-lines (10m-admin-0-boundary-lines-land) |url_download= |publisher=[] |year= 2009 |license=Public domain |tag= standard |url_doc= |layers=''inter''national borders lines |precision_max= |covered_area=whole earth |datum=WSG84 |projection =[projection name] | →.shp |size_compressed= |size_uncompressed= |tile_size= |tiles_total= |comment = Perfect for location maps and other political/administrative maps, international or local.|editor_note= projection to check.}}
Great for maps conventions ! Admin-0-boundary-lines (10m-admin-0-boundary-lines-land) (2009, Public domain). Specifics: international borders lines layer(s), whole earth, projection Geographic projection(?), datum WSG84. Files: . —♣ Comment(s): Perfect for location maps and other political/administrative maps, international or local. Editor note: projection to check.

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