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|- || {{{event}}} || {{{class}}} |align="right"| {{{time}}}  |{{{recordinfo1}}}

{{{splits}}} || {{{lastname1}}} , {{{firstname1}}}[[{{{namearticle1}}}| {{{firstname1}}} {{{lastname1}}} ]]
{{{lastname2}}} , {{{firstname2}}}[[{{{namearticle2}}}| {{{firstname2}}} {{{lastname2}}} ]]||{{ {{{nation1}}} }}
{{ {{{nation2}}} }}||[[Image:{{country_flag_IOC_alias_{{{npc}}}|}}|22x20px|border|alt=|link=]] [[{{country_IOC_alias_{{{npc}}}|}} at the Paralympics|{{country_IOC_alias_{{{npc}}}|}}]]|| {{{club1}}}
{{{club2}}} |{{{date1}}}
{{{date2}}}|| {{{meet1}}}
{{{meet2}}}|| {{country data {{{country1}}} |flagicon/core|variant=|size=}} [[{{{city1}}}]], [[{{country data {{{country1}}}|getalias/core|name=|variant=}}|{{country data {{{country1}}}|getalias/core|name=shortname|variant=}}]]
{{country data {{{country2}}} |flagicon/core|variant=|size=}} [[{{{city2}}}]], [[{{country data {{{country2}}}|getalias/core|name=|variant=}}|{{country data {{{country2}}}|getalias/core|name=shortname|variant=}}]] |align="center"|{{{ref1}}}
{{{ref2}}} |-

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This set of templates are being designed to be used for records in swimming articles in order to obtain a consistent layout and data field presence throughout all the articles.

|nationality = 
|club = 
|meet = 

|eventsort = 
|event = 
|class = 
|time = 
|recordinfo = 
|splits = 
|firstname = 
|lastname = 
|namearticle = 
|chinesename = 
|nation = 
|nationvariant = 
|npc = 
|club = 
|date = {{Dts|YYYY|mmm|DD}}
|meet = 
|city = 
|cityarticle =
|country = 
|countryvariant = 
|ref = <ref>{{cite web |url= |title= |accessdate= |publisher= |date= }}</ref>

|eventsort = 
|event = 
|time = 
|recordinfo = 
|1lastname = 
|1name = 
|1split = 
|2name = 
|2split = 
|3name = 
|3split = 
|4name = 
|4split = 
|nation = 
|nationvariant = 
|npc = 
|club = 
|date = {{Dts|YYYY|mmm|DD}}
|meet = 
|city = 
|cityarticle =
|country = 
|countryvariant = 
|ref = <ref>{{cite web |url= |title= |accessdate= |publisher= |date= }}</ref>




Parameter Swimmingrecord Swimmingrecordrelay Required,
or Conditional
eventsort 01 Required A double digit number to allow event column sorting starting from 01. Correct order is as used by FINA: first ordered by stroke: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, individual medley, freestyle relay, medley relay; then ordered within each stroke by distance
event 800&nbsp;m freestyle 4×50&nbsp;m medley relay Required Name of event, ensuring non breaking space between number and unit; 4×__ for relays (not 4x__); all stroke/event names in lowercase text
class SM6 Conditional Used to display disability classification for Paralympic records
Condition: {{swimmingrecordlisttop|class=yes}} to be defined. Don't use {{swimmingrecordlisttop}} - build own table header.
time 1:42.78 Required Record time in format: m:ss.00
recordinfo #, WR, ER, NR Optional See key below for example text items – each separated by a space
splits 31.02, 32.44, 32.54, 32.99, 33.78, 32.63, 32.51, 30.67 Optional Displays intermediate split times under swimmers name.
firstname Firstname Required Athlete's first and last name – allows correct sorting in name column.
lastname Lastname
namearticle Firstname Lastname (swimmer) Optional Article title for athlete where disambiguation is required.
chinesename Optional Allows display of family name before personal name, yet sorts by family name.
1lastname Lastname Optional Surname of 1st relay athlete to allow sorting on name column
... up to 10
Firstname Lastname Required Relay athlete name in correct swim order. Use the form "Firstname Lastname (swimmer){{!}}Firstname Lastname" where disambiguation is required
... up to 10
1:59.32 Optional Relay split time in format m:ss.00
nation CAN Conditional Three letter country code for nationality – See List of IOC country codes or ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
Condition: {{swimmingrecordlisttop|nationality=yes}} to be defined – if defined, nation must be defined and NOT be blank in {{swimmingrecord}}.
nationvariant Optional
npc Optional Use instead of nation to display link to Nations at the Paralympics articles – use three letter country code for nationality – See List of IOC country codes.
club [[Club article|Club name]]
Club name
Conditional Condition: {{swimmingrecordlisttop|club=yes}} to be defined – if defined, club must be defined and NOT be blank in {{swimmingrecord}} (if unknown, it is suggested using a dash).
date {{Dts|YYYY|mmm|DD}} Required Use {{dts}} template to ensure sorting works correctly for the date column. For day-month-year format use |format=dmy.
meet [[Meet or Championships article|Meet short name excl. year]]
Meet short name excl. year
Conditional Condition: {{swimmingrecordlisttop|meet=yes}} to be defined – if defined, meet must be defined and NOT be blank in {{swimmingrecord}} (if unknown, it is suggested using a dash).
country MAS Required Three letter country code for event location – See List of IOC country codes or ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
countryvariant Optional
city Berlin Optional City name
cityarticle Berlin, Germany Optional Article title for city where disambiguation is required
ref Optional Use <ref>{{cite web |url= |title= |accessdate= |publisher= |date= }}</ref>, completing parameters as necessary

Recordinfo options key

  • WR: World record
  • OR: Olympic record
  • CR: Commonwealth record
  • ER: European record
  • AF: African record
  • AS: Asian record
  • OC: Oceania record
  • AM: Americas record
  • #: Any records yet to be officially ratified by the relevant governing body, i.e. not yet appearing on the official records list. (Reference for all records of this type is required)
  • Records not set in finals:
    • h: Heats
    • r: Relay 1st leg
    • rh: Relay 1st leg heats
    • sf: Semifinal
    • b: B-final
    • tt: Time-trail
    • †: Intermediate split

See Template:Swimmingrecordlegend for more.

Template development TO DO

  • Make reference field optional
  • Tidy up recordinfo field - for unofficial and higher record notations
  • Create template for relays
  • Fix sort by date
  • Decision on nationality/team/club - needs to be optional
  • Include meet column - should be optional if so
  • Simplify event parameters
  • Simplify relay name parameters
  • Fix ability to disambiguate cities - e.g. |city = Perth, Western Australia|Perth
  • Add optional classification column to {{swimmingrecordlisttop}}

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