Sayahna Sayahna

Who's Who

Sayahna Foundation is a nonprofit advocacy organization with a mission to accelerate progress in science and technologies by leading a transformation in research communication, propagate free/open source software based advanced document engineering, promote sustainable living, undertake documentary digitization initiatives, etc.  The Foundation is run by the following volunteers:

  1. GS Krishna: JWRA 36, Jagathy, Trivandrum 695014. Film maker by training, free content activist.
  2. Sundar Ramanatha Iyer, Baker Land, Kaladi, Trivandrum. Researcher, short story writer, critic and free content activist.
  3. PN Vijayan, Kochi. Free content activist.
  4. PN Venugopal, xxviii/2859, ‘Vasudha’, Vikas Nagar, Kochi 682020. Translator, freelance journalist, critic and free content activist.
  5. AM Shanmugam: VTRA 48, Killippalam, Trivandrum 695009. Trained in TeX, XML and related technologies. Publishing specialist and project manager.
  6. T Rishikesan: Santhini, TC 2/2058, Jeevan Nagar, Pattom, Trivandrum 695004. Trained in TeX, XSLT, XML and related technologies. Publishing specialist and project manager.
  7. Mahesh Chelen: KRA 1, T.C. 53/2493, Nemom, Trivandrum 695020. Engineer by training, systems engineer.
  8. V Apu: Manalil Veedu, Valiathura, Vallakkadavo PO, Trivandrum 695008. Engineer by training. TeX programmer.
  9. K Brahmanayagam: Chartered Accountant by training and profession.
  10. CV Rajagopal: SRA 34C, Arapura Road, Elipode, Trivandrum 695013. Java Programmer, free software activist.
  11. CV Radhakrishnan: JWRA 34, Jagathy, Trivandrum 695014. TeX programmer and free software activist.