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Sayahna Foundation is a community of volunteers from all walks of life who believe in peaceful co-existence and collaboration to regain the lost trust and camaraderie amongst people rather than competing with fellow humans and nature. Aims of the community include:

  • Set up and promote sustainable active communities across the world.
  • Lead a chemical and pollution free life that respects everything in the planet and without misuse of resources.
  • Identify, document, catalog, preserve in the form of digital objects and disseminate information about anything that enriches humanity, culture, heritage and history.
  • Identify sustainable publishing models based on open standards, empower authors and engage in advancing free flow of knowledge to every needy citizen of the world.
  • Initiate a new model of writing history of anything (culture, politics, fine arts, movies, language and literature, movements, . . . ) with as much public participation as possible in as many languages as possible.
  • Identify and provide methods to overcome unnecessary barriers to immediate availability, access, and use of research articles.
  • Pursue a publishing strategy that optimizes openness, quality, and integrity of the publication process.
  • Empower the author by relieving from the forces of industry which is bent on closing knowledge to exploit public resources and author’s intellectual contribution.
  • Deploy and use only free and open source software for all kinds of computing during publishing and delivery processes with reliance on open and publicly supported standards.


Content is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License unless otherwise noted.

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